April 23, 2010

Should You Move?

This month I’ve focused on your environment and asked you to consider what landscapes and people you are drawn to. By now, you should have a clear idea of your preferences.

Now I’d like you to consider whether or not you’d be able to move to such a place. Outside circumstances, such as job and family obligations, may play a big part in the answer to this question. Many of us cannot pick up and move when we wish if we have factors that keep us in a certain area. Do not despair if this is the situation for you. In coming weeks we will discuss how you can fulfill some of your energetic needs in your current home.

But if you find that you can be flexible in your living location, I’d like you to entertain the possibilities.

First, ask yourself if there is somewhere you’ve always want to move to, but never have? Focusing on this unfulfilled desire, you can learn much about what your particular needs are.

Next, ask yourself what unfulfilled need or needs do you think this move would fill? This is what you want to focus on and you may want to make note of these needs for future analysis.

Personally, I’ve always wanted to move to a cottage in the country, where I could be surrounded by nature, garden, and keep horses and other animals. So what does this say about my needs?

I feel it is my need to commune with the natural world and my need for peace, quiet and an unhurried life. Also a need for things to be fresh and alive around me. This is what would make my energy body hum with delight and make me feel healthy.

So how about you?

Perhaps your not as much of a hermit as me and prefer more people around? Maybe a small town where everyone knows everyone else and cares for one another? Maybe a big city that makes you feel vibrant, alive, and excited? Maybe a seaside village with the sound of waves crashing? Or the suburbs?

Some people wish to live where they grew up. Because we are more sensitive to our natural surroundings as a child, we retain the memory of associated feelings, sights, sounds, textures, fragrances of the flora and fauna, that we were raised around. These fondly remembered experiences we had while we matured can color our preferences for more of the same. Going to these places can re-establish a healthy, balanced, auric field and put you in a healing state of relaxation.

On the other hand, if a person had a disturbed childhood, they may desire to relocate in an entirely different climate and landscape in order to heal.

As we discussed last week, preferences on where to live are related to our life energy field configuration of what we have individually labeled as ‘normal’. Normal is different for every person depending on their backgrounds and experiences, as well as their needs.

Humans, in general, don’t like too much change and we tend to gravitate to environments that support the status quo. We choose to live in places that make us feel ‘normal.’

But, your version of what is ‘normal’ may be one of your habits that is causing an imbalance within you. Spend some time with this thought. Is your current environment causing you any sort of distress or supporting bad habits? Could you have accepted that as ‘normal?’ Do you wish to change your perception of what ‘normal’ is?

My goal here is to have you make this a conscious choice, not an unconscious one. Choosing to move to a new environment can be a big decision for many. Would your needs be better served somewhere else? Sometimes we need to move on to a whole new environment to create the kind of change we would like in our lives.

This is your food for thought.

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