April 8, 2010

Living Spaces: Getting Your Weekly Dose of Nature

Last week I wrote of the benefits of being in a particular landscape and climate and how they affect your auric field. I recommended that people plan an auric clearing and charging vacation in order to energize their fields for optimum health. Perhaps vacations are not realistic for some at this time and/or you are not near a beach or mountain or any landscape that you prefer. What can you do then? Does it have to be a mountain or ocean? Will a campout in the forest or near a lake be of benefit as well? How about a picnic in a nice glade or park?

My answer is yes, anywhere you can be out in nature away from the concrete sidewalks, crowds of people and noise, car exhaust fumes and electronic distractions, will be of great benefit to yourself. If you know a little park just outside of town where you can spend a few hours a week with your dog and a Frisbee, then yes, that counts too.

In fact, even if you are able to take a week off farther a field once or twice a year, you should still think about the other 54 weeks of the year and how you can surround yourself with nature for at least two hours a week. This outing helps rebalance your auric field with the Earth’s energies.

The Earth is also very sensitive to the combined energies of the people living on her. When Earth’s creatures are in balance with nature, disease and natural disasters can be avoided. So you can see how symbiotic the relationship is with our planet. The levels of fear and anger directly correlate with the levels of disease and violence in the Earth herself. But that is a discussion for another time.

How can you, individually, keep your energies balanced in your own areas?

Sitting by a calm lake can sooth your field. Visiting a rapidly rushing river can make our auras pulse with energy and waterfalls provide the strongest energy rush of all.

On a mountain you can absorb the power of the mineral kingdom and in the desert you can let your energy field expand.

Being around trees balances our vibrations with its own. Sitting under a tree or leaning on it can recharge your energy - even in your own back yard. Is there a little park with trees near your place of work? Go outside and eat your lunch there. You’ll feel the difference between eating there and eating inside immediately. Close your eyes and absorb that energy into your being.

Observe any wild animals you may come across. They have great trust and wisdom and can help you synchronize with nature.

Do you love to garden? Planting and working with the Earth in our own gardens will nurture our energy fields. Organic gardening further enriches our vibrations and provides wonderfully charged foods for us to eat.

Even if you don’t have a yard or the time to garden, consider getting some houseplants for your home. Not only will they keep the energy of the home charged, clear and healthy, but they will add the peace and beauty of nature to your everyday life.

The important thing is to be with nature and surround yourself with it as much as you can. You may just find a new sense of peace and serenity, health and wellness, in the gifts of mother nature. Let her wrap you in her arms and nurture you with her love.

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