April 1, 2010

Mass Media and Negative Programing

An important issues to address has to do with what you are allowing into your consciousness. The beginning stages of awakening to your highest potential is to realize the level of controls that have been thrust upon every facet of our society, namely through the mass controlled media. We are fed a constant diet of how to live, think, feel, and perceive through mediums such as television, movies, magazines, newspapers, radios and the internet. And while we may feel a greater sense of belonging when we share this ‘culture’ with others, experiencing similar experiences, we have also been molded and corralled, entertained and distracted from the truth of who and what we really are.

One of the greatest tools of the dark is to keep you in the lower energy fields of fear, gloom, and a sense of societal decay through hopelessness and/or controlled chaos. After all, people who are scared, hateful of others and even themselves, will look to the ‘leaders’ of the land to protect and guide them. People then take solace in organized religions or become too overly involved in political agendas, feeling like the solutions to life’s problems must be there.

But the solutions to life’s problems are not anywhere but within yourself. No religious or government leader can solve them. The reason for this is because the problems do not really exist. You have created the perception that you, or the world, has ‘problems’.

Before you get upset and rant that surely the terrible things that have happened in your life could not possibly be a figment of your imagination, that they are as real as the room you are in, or the chair you are sitting on, please take a moment to see from a different perspective - a higher one.

The part of you here on Earth, experiencing this lifetime, is just a fragment of the larger soul who you really are. This larger soul, or higher self, can and does send pieces of itself out to experience different lifetimes in many different places, even simultaneously. And your higher self is a fragment of an even greater soul, and so on, and so on. Ultimately we are all fragments of the Creator, or the All That Is. You see, we really are one.

So, keeping this in mind, see that what you are experiencing in this particular lifetime is but a blip on the screen of your experiences. You are an immortal being, experiencing many lifetimes and adventures in order to learn and evolve all you can, in every way you can.

I’m not saying that this lifetime is unimportant. It is very important. All your lifetimes and experiences are very important and have much value. You have much choice as to what you decide to experience. And there are many people who have chosen to experience 3D under the control of others who have chosen to exercise power over you. Or, just maybe, one of your tasks is to wake up during this lifetime and realize that this created scenario is more of a dream than a reality. It is a mass created dream of our planet, made real by the connected consciousnesses of all who live here. We see what we expect to see. We expect to see what everyone else sees, what we are shown or told on our mass media devices. Our collective thoughts create this dream, mold it, shape it.

Do you like the dream? Perhaps you do. Perhaps not.

Why not create a better one? It’s really a thought away.

Therefore, the first task in this deprogramming is to become aware of the dream of the planet. Become the observer of yourself. Watch yourself as you tune in to television, movies, radio, internet, or read magazines or newspapers. Pay attention to the subject matter? How much is negative? How much is positive?

Pay more attention to your emotions. How are you feeling as you absorb the information given to you? Do you feel uplifted or depressed?

About ten years ago I decided to shut off the television news when I realized my emphatic nature was causing me to feel depressed by the negative images and stories. Not only was the dark and negative mostly emphasized, but the newscasters seemed to play with the emotions of the viewing audience with the expressions of fear or shock they would have on their faces as they reported. I discovered that my own body reacted to the emotions of others when my eyes were connected with theirs - and newscasters look right into those cameras and therefore into my eyes. The majority of viewers do not realize this subtle form of emotional manipulation, and I would say that neither do the newscasters themselves. But it happens, nonetheless.

Popular television shows and movies also influence our culture, setting the standards of behavior, a collective agreement, in your subconscious - whether it is positive or negative.

I’m definitely not saying you should stop watching all television and never go to the movies again. If you have awareness, you cannot be controlled by what you are being fed. I love being entertained by a good film. I enjoy surfing the internet and reading news from all over the world. I can choose what I allow into my field and what I don’t. If I come across a story of someone who went on a killing rampage, beheading their family, I may choose not to view the graphic images and instead close my eyes, breath in love energy of our Creator, and send that energy to the ones affected by that tragedy. Staying focused in love, in our hearts, is the true reality, and it is where we should dwell.

The key is that ‘you’ are in control of what you are thinking and feeling at any given moment. When you catch yourself dwelling in despair and negativity, for whatever reason, take a step back a moment. Close your eyes and ask yourself why you are feeling this way, what has brought this low moment? Chances are you have allowed something into your energy field that you really don’t need - or want!

You might even discover you have taken on the emotions of your friends who are in distress, or family members. The first step is to realize that the drama is not yours and you do not have to take on the energy of it. That doesn’t mean you turn your back and ignore someone in need, but that you unplug from the drama and instead be a loving support. How? By stepping back and becoming an observer of the emotions and not a participant. This may take some practice, but it will strengthen you immensely.

Perhaps something drastic does happen to you and there is no stepping back at that moment. Someone close to us dies, or our relationship falls apart. In the moment we feel no control over the emotions that flood into us, and out of us. That’s o.k. Go with it and let the emotions pass through your body. Cry, scream, hit a pillow - whatever expresses itself. But the important thing is to not get stuck. If a month passes and you still feel like a depressed zombie, then you have not released the emotions enough and may need to do some further work on clearing any blockages you may have.

This is the crazy journey of life on planet Earth we have all chosen to participate in. And, yes, you do have many, many choices about now and your future. Personally, I’m very excited about the future. I’ve created my dream of how I want my future to look like, feel like, taste and sound like. I see a world of love, peace and harmony and I am dreaming this dream into reality.

What will you dream? As a Creator, you have this choice. Don’t let any individual or media outlet paint that dream for you. The brush is in your hand, the easel stands before you.

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