April 15, 2010

Ascension Session Two - Jaw and Knees

When we change our thought forms, we still need to change the underlying negative beliefs and our related perceptions and judgments in order to manifest new positive realities. When we become true to ourselves, to our core nature, when can be ourselves from a place of love and become wise. To do this we need to release the anger, tension, pain, patterns and blockages in the body and energy field.

As in activation one that we did working on points in the back, activation two will be accessing particular points in the jaw and the knee chakras to release distorted perceptions and conditionings that have been limiting us. As we change and release these conditionings from the body, we start to express ourselves, our inner truth.

Every time we have spoken an untruth, every time we have sat in judgment, and every time we held back from expressing frustration, anger or fear, we stored these emotions in the jaw and knee areas. Time to let it go, don’t you think? You will need 45 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time to complete the session.

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