April 1, 2010

Living Spaces: The Energy of Landscapes

What Type of Landscape Do You Choose?
Ask yourself these questions.

If I can live in any type of landscape, with any type of climate, which would I prefer the most? Would it be near an ocean or lake, on a mountain, in a desert or a rainforest? Or perhaps you would choose something entirely different? Would you prefer lots of rain or little rain, four seasons or little change throughout the year?

The answer to these questions is directly related to your own individual auric field and its needs. In certain landscapes and climates, each unique individual has a positive feeling of well-being. Try to remember kinds of landscapes and climates that make you feel good as we discuss the benefits and reasons behind this.

If we could create an map of the Earth’s fields of energy, as has been done to some degree with the concept of lay lines and sacred energy vortexes, we would find that different locations on Earth are comprised of their own unique combination of ingredients. These ingredients include mineral deposits, flora, fauna, past and present human societies and activity, as well as solar, interstellar and intergalactic energies.

Some of us are aware of the sacred sites around the world and the energy we can experience by visiting such places like Sedona, Arizona or Stonehenge in the United Kingdom. But I’m also speaking of the power and energy of nature itself and the benefits of surrounding oneself with its cleansing and recharging qualities. Let’s discuss some of these qualities now.

Many of us who enjoy wet, stormy weather, have an affinity to electricity and pre-rain ozone in the air. This charge not only clears our auric fields of lower energies, but also recharges and energizes. People who don’t like storms, may be sensitive to this upsurge in their auric fields.

Preference for lots of sun is also our aura’s calling for the increase of prana or orgone energy to charge our fields and bring a feeling of euphoria. If you soften your gaze at the sky on a sunny day, you can see these little dots of light energy. The sunnier it is, the faster the dots move and the more your auric field gets charged. This leads to a feeling of well being. Too may cloudy days in a row slows down the orgone and could lead to feeling grumpy.

Consider the climate you are currently living in for a moment. Some northern lands can have quite dark winters. Or perhaps you are required to spend many long hours indoors as many of us are with our jobs. If you find yourself in these situations, consider landscapes near or far that you can spend time in to recharge. These ‘recharge’ vacations can greatly improve the health and well being of your energy field, which in turn leads to the health and well being of your body.

One of the best winter recharge trips would be a trip to the mountains, whether to ski or to enjoy other outdoor activities. The combination of the fresh mountain air and the sun sparkling on the snow is the ultimate in orgone recharging. If your body has been in gloom for quite awhile, a week’s worth of sun, air and snow would rebuild and charge your aura full of wonderful, life giving energy.

Many people that experience such energy after being depleted for so long may find they are extra hungry and sleepy as their bodies charge and adjust. So pamper yourself with lots of naps and delicious wholesome food as well as all the fun in the sun. Make sure to wear sun block so you don’t burn your skin. Sun block will not block any rays from reaching your auric field, just your sensitive skin.

An alternate auric recharging vacation would be a trip to an ocean beach. Salty sea air clears your auric field from all the stuck muck it has accumulated. You can take a walk along the shore, clearing your field and recharging it with the sun at the same time. Going for a twenty minute swim in the salty water can also clear out the stagnated energies from your fields.

After an aura recharging vacation, spending twenty minutes a day in the sun is enough to maintain your high energy.

Earth has provided everything we need to be healthy, happy and alive. We are not separate from her and we never have been. Modern day living seems to have pushed nature further and further away, but this is only an illusion. You are surrounded by air, sun, water, and minerals.

Next week I will elaborate further on how we can surround ourselves with nature even if we do not live in the kind of landscape or climate we prefer. In the meantime, consider a possible aura recharging get away you can plan for the near future.

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