April 8, 2010

Ascension Session One: Releasing Stuck Negative Energy in Your Back

In the following hypnosos session, we are going to be working on several points found along the back to release old belief systems, judgements and other blockages.  Then we bring light and love energy into these areas and in our energy field in general. 

In this way we work at a cellular level to bring out our core memories, false belief systems, judgements and damaging creations, move them away from our beings.  When we learn to love and forgive ourselves we are then able to forgive and love others. 

However, we must understand that no one is to blame for our anger, shame or guilt, or any other negative emotions or feelings.  We must forgive ourselves and learn to forgive others.  We cannot begin to create a new positive self-image, establish healthy boundaries and learn to release anger, pain and suffering until we consciously decide, "this is my suffering.  I accept responsibility for it.  I am willing to learn the processes that will allow me to release all negativity from my energy field and body."

Ascension is a process of purification and clearing of the soul, mind and body so we may become our higher selves.  As we become more of our higher selves, we anchor this energy into our body which spins the cells faster, creating spiraling vortices of energy and higher dimensional frequencies.

Once we function in these frequencies, we gain access to our multidimensional memories and understand who we really are and our connections to all that exists.

So, please, begin this journey with me.  You will need about 45 minutes of uninterrupted time alone to do the following hypnosis session.   Please write me with your experiences.  I'd love to hear from you. 

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