April 23, 2010

Should You Move?

This month I’ve focused on your environment and asked you to consider what landscapes and people you are drawn to. By now, you should have a clear idea of your preferences.

Now I’d like you to consider whether or not you’d be able to move to such a place. Outside circumstances, such as job and family obligations, may play a big part in the answer to this question. Many of us cannot pick up and move when we wish if we have factors that keep us in a certain area. Do not despair if this is the situation for you. In coming weeks we will discuss how you can fulfill some of your energetic needs in your current home.

But if you find that you can be flexible in your living location, I’d like you to entertain the possibilities.

First, ask yourself if there is somewhere you’ve always want to move to, but never have? Focusing on this unfulfilled desire, you can learn much about what your particular needs are.

Next, ask yourself what unfulfilled need or needs do you think this move would fill? This is what you want to focus on and you may want to make note of these needs for future analysis.

Personally, I’ve always wanted to move to a cottage in the country, where I could be surrounded by nature, garden, and keep horses and other animals. So what does this say about my needs?

I feel it is my need to commune with the natural world and my need for peace, quiet and an unhurried life. Also a need for things to be fresh and alive around me. This is what would make my energy body hum with delight and make me feel healthy.

So how about you?

Perhaps your not as much of a hermit as me and prefer more people around? Maybe a small town where everyone knows everyone else and cares for one another? Maybe a big city that makes you feel vibrant, alive, and excited? Maybe a seaside village with the sound of waves crashing? Or the suburbs?

Some people wish to live where they grew up. Because we are more sensitive to our natural surroundings as a child, we retain the memory of associated feelings, sights, sounds, textures, fragrances of the flora and fauna, that we were raised around. These fondly remembered experiences we had while we matured can color our preferences for more of the same. Going to these places can re-establish a healthy, balanced, auric field and put you in a healing state of relaxation.

On the other hand, if a person had a disturbed childhood, they may desire to relocate in an entirely different climate and landscape in order to heal.

As we discussed last week, preferences on where to live are related to our life energy field configuration of what we have individually labeled as ‘normal’. Normal is different for every person depending on their backgrounds and experiences, as well as their needs.

Humans, in general, don’t like too much change and we tend to gravitate to environments that support the status quo. We choose to live in places that make us feel ‘normal.’

But, your version of what is ‘normal’ may be one of your habits that is causing an imbalance within you. Spend some time with this thought. Is your current environment causing you any sort of distress or supporting bad habits? Could you have accepted that as ‘normal?’ Do you wish to change your perception of what ‘normal’ is?

My goal here is to have you make this a conscious choice, not an unconscious one. Choosing to move to a new environment can be a big decision for many. Would your needs be better served somewhere else? Sometimes we need to move on to a whole new environment to create the kind of change we would like in our lives.

This is your food for thought.

Contacting Nature Intelligence Notes

As I've been writing about getting closer to nature, I thought I'd present this hypnosis session at this time.

We all start out with a blueprint in life. This blueprint was decided by you and your loving soul family before you incarnated into your current life. Many times, because of our limited memories we have in these bodies, we long to remember what our path was intended to be, hoping that we are following the right one.

I truely believe that, overall, we usually do follow our blueprints, but we also go off course, sometimes for years, before we get back onto the main road again.

In this session, we contact nature intelligence to assist you in reclaiming your original blueprint. You also get to meet your guardian angel, who will always be there for you.

I hope you enjoy the session and I would welcome any feedback.

With Love,

Contacting Nature Intelligence Session - E

In this hypnosis session, you are taken to meet the Deva of Healing who will return your original blueprint to you so that you can continue with your life task and also reconnect with nature intelligence. You also meet your guardian angel. 42 min.

April 16, 2010

Living Spaces: Populations and People

The last few weeks I have focused on finding ways to be out in nature in order to heal and recharge my energy field to maintain optimal health. For the next few weeks I’ll focus on where we live and whether or not it is the best place for our well being.

First, take a look at your own individual preferences. Jot down any places, cities, states, regions or countries that you have been to and experienced either a negative or a positive feeling. Let’s say you visited a desert in Arizona, or a jungle in central America, a crowded urban city, a small country town, etc… Write it down, and next to it, put your impressions of the place. Did you feel uplifted, expanded, joyful, cramped, scared, uneasy? Something else? Try to find at least three places you felt very positive about and three that you’ve felt negative about. If you have strong feelings about the place you are currently living, include it too.

Now, focus on your positive places and jot down a list of the qualities they have in common. Were there lots of people around? Or very few? Were the people friendly? What were the structures like? Was it densely built up or was there plenty of open, natural areas? Was the culture pleasing to you? Were you able to feel comfortable and natural in that setting? How did the energy feel? Anything else?

Make another list for your negative places. What did they have in common? Consider some of the questions that you did for the positive list. In this manner you should begin to see a pattern of what your preferences are.

There are important reasons for your preferences and these reasons are dependent upon factors such as your own upbringing, culture, and personal boundaries.

The boundaries I’m speaking of are energetic ones and they vary with culture, country and even area of a country. You may have experienced, or heard about travelers to different countries who found their level of comfort breached when people stepped too close to them to communicate, or perhaps backed away from them. These sometimes subtle gestures could be disconcerting and cause a person to feel ill at ease. Depending on what auric levels you have developed, you will prefer these same levels in others and find yourself gravitating to such people, deeming yourself more comfortable with them.

These differences are cultural, as in the above example, but can also be dependent on your upbringing as well. Did your family communicate easily? Or did you keep to yourselves?

Some levels of our aura are more developed than other levels. For example, if our third and fifth level is the most developed, we will seek out others with the same development. They are the ones you feel most at ease with because when we communicate with others, we intermingle our auric fields using our most developed parts.

Also, some people keep their auras tight and to themselves, while others walk in a more expanded state and don’t mind intermingling their energies with others. It’s been found that people living in crowded cities tend to keep their auras small and those that live in more open areas tend to expand. It seems that people adjust their auric dimensions according to the space they have. If your list showed a preference for open country, then you most likely enjoy an expanded energy body.

So what is the appeal of a big city? Many of us enjoy all the distractions and interactions a city has to offer. The population density alone can cause a big city to give off very high energy, even to the point of creating energy vortices. People unconsciously gravitate to cities to experience this exciting energy which causes these places to sometimes become great centers of learning.

On the down side, big cities also accumulate vast quantities of negative energies, sometimes called DOR (Dead Orgone Energy). DOR is a term coined by Wilhelm Reich. In large cities, DOR permeates everything and everyone as well as planting itself deep into the ground beneath. If a person does not leave the city regularly to maintain their health, DOR can be harmful and sometimes fatal, causing illness to form in the weakest parts of the body and energy field.

Besides DOR, there is also the increased environmental pollution that affects the air quality in big cities. These factors can wear down your immune system and especially attack the health of your brain.

So now that you have found your preferences for the kind of places and people you prefer, how does it compare with where you are living now? Are you comfortable where you are? Could you be more fulfilled somewhere else?

Next week we’ll examine the possibility of making a move somewhere and what need that may or may not fill for you.

April 15, 2010

Ascension Session Two - Jaw and Knees

When we change our thought forms, we still need to change the underlying negative beliefs and our related perceptions and judgments in order to manifest new positive realities. When we become true to ourselves, to our core nature, when can be ourselves from a place of love and become wise. To do this we need to release the anger, tension, pain, patterns and blockages in the body and energy field.

As in activation one that we did working on points in the back, activation two will be accessing particular points in the jaw and the knee chakras to release distorted perceptions and conditionings that have been limiting us. As we change and release these conditionings from the body, we start to express ourselves, our inner truth.

Every time we have spoken an untruth, every time we have sat in judgment, and every time we held back from expressing frustration, anger or fear, we stored these emotions in the jaw and knee areas. Time to let it go, don’t you think? You will need 45 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time to complete the session.

Ascension Session Two - Jaw and Knees - A

In activation two we access particular points in the jaw and knee chakras to release distorted perceptions and conditions in order to begin to express ourselves and our own inner truth. Please refer to the written corresponding information in the blog for more details.

April 8, 2010

April 2010 - Week Two Personal Update

Personal Follow Up From Last Week:

I hope everyone is doing well and taking fantastic care of themselves.  I've always been a nonsmoker, but I grew up with a father who smoked.  He has since quit and it's been about ten years since he's smoked.  I can't tell you how much better he's been enjoying life!  If you are doing my smoking program, please write me and let me know how it's going for you.  I'm here to support your success!

As I mentioned in the article about violent and negative media, I've been carefully monitoring what I allow in my field for many years now.  And, yes, it has made a big difference.  Again, I'd love to hear your own stories around this.

Another project I started this week was starting my own youtube channel.  I plan on posting 10 minute short hypnotherapy sessions.  The first one on Relaxation is posted.  http://www.youtube.com/user/17Petals1?feature=mhw5

I also took my own advice and scheduled a mini-vacation to the beach in July with my family.  I'm looking forward to swimming in the ocean and recharging after this long winter we had.  Rain is fantastic, but I'm ready for some sun.

Take care and get outside to enjoy the abundance of life!


Ascension Session One: Releasing Stuck Negative Energy in Your Back

In the following hypnosos session, we are going to be working on several points found along the back to release old belief systems, judgements and other blockages.  Then we bring light and love energy into these areas and in our energy field in general. 

In this way we work at a cellular level to bring out our core memories, false belief systems, judgements and damaging creations, move them away from our beings.  When we learn to love and forgive ourselves we are then able to forgive and love others. 

However, we must understand that no one is to blame for our anger, shame or guilt, or any other negative emotions or feelings.  We must forgive ourselves and learn to forgive others.  We cannot begin to create a new positive self-image, establish healthy boundaries and learn to release anger, pain and suffering until we consciously decide, "this is my suffering.  I accept responsibility for it.  I am willing to learn the processes that will allow me to release all negativity from my energy field and body."

Ascension is a process of purification and clearing of the soul, mind and body so we may become our higher selves.  As we become more of our higher selves, we anchor this energy into our body which spins the cells faster, creating spiraling vortices of energy and higher dimensional frequencies.

Once we function in these frequencies, we gain access to our multidimensional memories and understand who we really are and our connections to all that exists.

So, please, begin this journey with me.  You will need about 45 minutes of uninterrupted time alone to do the following hypnosis session.   Please write me with your experiences.  I'd love to hear from you. 

Ascension Session One - Back- A

In this session, we are going to be working on several points found along the back in order to release old belief systems, judgments and other blockages. (47 min)

Personal Hygiene for the Physical Body

In taking care of our physical bodies, our temples that house our souls, we first address the issue of hygiene. Good hygiene helps to keep our energy fields unpolluted of toxins and nurtures the health of physical beings.

This week I examine the products and routines we use on skin, hair and teeth.


Your skin is the largest excretory organ of your body, ridding you of toxins while protecting your body from pollutants. It’s an amazing organ that serves so many functions. It regulates our temperatures, monitors our environment through touch and pain receptors, and sends this data to your brain. It contains sweat glands, oil glands, fat cells, nerve fibers, immune cells, and blood vessels.

So how do you take care of it?

One thing to keep in mind is that your skin excretes a natural acid mantle which is important to prevent infections. If your soaps, lotions, and make up products are too alkaline, you remove this natural defensive acid mantle.

The best products to use are natural ones that are pH-balanced for your skin. If you don’t feel comfortable with the ingredients going into your stomach, you shouldn’t be putting them on your skin as well.

You can shop around for natural products to use or you can make your own quite simply. It all depends on your budget and time.

Another valuable item to have is a shower or skin brush to use daily either before or in your shower to help remove dead skin cells.

Here is a recipe a for homemade skin cleanser:

Herbal Cleansing Face Powder:

Equal Parts: Dried chickpea flour
Dry milk powder
Lemon Peel
Ground Coriander

Use ½ tsp with a bit of water to make a paste. Apply to your wet face and let it dry a bit before rinsing.

You can also experiment with other herbs such as neem, manjistha, or sandalwood powder.

After cleansing, you can help revitalize your skin with fresh yogurt. Apply it to your skin and leave on for 5 minutes before rinsing.

In place of a commercial moisturizer, you can make your own using pure vegetable or nut oils such as almond, jojoba, avocado or sunflower, with a few drops of an essential oil added like rose, lavender, sandalwood, jasmine, geranium, or lemon. Apply a small amount to your skin and let your body absorb it.

Here’s a good hygiene routine for your skin each day:


1. Brush body skin with a body brush. Be gentle on face area.

2. Shower, cleansing your body with a natural, pH balanced cleanser. You may want a separate one for your face (the above recipe or your own choice).

3. While you condition your hair, apply the fresh yogurt to your face, neck and shoulders and let it sit for five minutes.

4. Rinse and dry off.

5. Apply your natural moisturizer to face and body (where needed).

6. If you are spending time in the sun, apply sunscreen.


1. Cleanse your face with your natural cleansing powder or other natural product.

2. Apply the natural yogurt to your face for five minutes. (You could spend the time caring for your teeth.)

3. Rinse yogurt off and apply your natural moisturizer.

A nice weekly treatment would be to do a herbal steam bath on your face to open your pores and release toxins. Put a few drops of an essential oil like lavender, juniper, rosemary, bergamot or sage, in the hot water. Put a towel over your head and bend over the steam, letting your skin sweat for 10 to 15 minutes.

Ladies, if you must use makeup, look for natural, pH balanced ones. This is especially important for foundations or any other product that covers an area of skin.


Same rule applies to your shampoos and hair rinses or conditioners: use natural and non-toxic products. Make sure not to use anything that makes your hair feel ‘heavy’ or full of residue after it is rinsed off.


Brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day. Shop for a natural tooth paste or use 1 part salt:8 parts baking soda. Don’t forget to brush your gums and tongue as well.

Boil your toothbrush for 5 minutes every two weeks or replace it with a new one.

It is also nice to use a plaque removing device occasionally.

Feeling clean, fresh and natural, using homemade or manufactured natural products, is an important step on your road to taking care of your physical being and creating the energy body your desire. It is also a great psychological boost to know that you are giving yourself the best care that you possibly can.

Grooming Your Energy Field

Just as it’s important to keep your body free of toxins, you must also be conscious of what may accumulate in your energy field. These last few weeks I’ve written about spending time in nature to clear and recharge yourselves. But there are further methods you can employ within your own home to keep your energy field strong and glowing.

Some sensitive people are able to spot dark, stagnate energy in an aura just by looking and/or sensing. But what are some of the other indicators that the rest of us can spot? Some symptoms are:

-pain or a low level muscle ache in the area involved
-tiredness, irritability, sickness, headaches
-feeling heavier than usual
-feeling toxic or polluted
-feeling that you are becoming sick

If you are experiencing one or some of these symptoms, you may have accumulated clouds of dark energy in your auric field. When this happens, it affects your physical body and can lead to greater illness.

How do these dark clouds build up?

The reasons are many, but usually are a result of holding on to negative feelings, stress, exhaustion, running yourself down, or exposure to the heavy negative energies of others around you.

So how can we clear these energies immediately? Here are some methods you may want to try.

Auric Brushing: This method is done with a partner who uses their hands in a brushing motion over your aura, much like you would brush your hair. The person being ‘groomed’ stands with their legs shoulder width apart, their arms at their sides, and their eyes closed. The ‘brusher’ stands in front of the person and spreads their fingers, imagining their fingers have grown longer by about half a foot, and begins making continuous long strokes with both hands from the top of the receiver’s head, to the ground and away from the receiver. These are long continuous strokes without stopping, except after reaching the ground to brush the dark energy away and stand to begin again slightly to the right of the last long stroke. This is continued going around the whole body of the receiver until they reach the place where they started. While the groomer is brushing, it’s important that they imagine that their elongated fingers are going through the whole body of the receiver, even though no actual physical touching is done. Then switch places so both can enjoy the experience.

Baths: This is one of my favorite methods of clearing. Take a warm bath, adding up to one pound each of sea salt and baking soda. Don’t make the water too hot. This is strong solution is good when you have a lot of negative energy to clear. Be careful if you have low blood pressure. If you feel dizzy, get out of the bath and fill it will cooler water.

Soak for twenty minutes in the tub. You will feel depleted of energy afterwards, so go into your yard and sit in the sun for ten to twenty minutes to recharge your energy field - use sunscreen. So it is best to do this bath when the sun is out.

There are also some great bath solutions on the market today that are made for clearing you, soothing you, or even giving you more energy. Explore the ones made of natural ingredients and try these delightful experiences.

Baths are also a good time to meditate and you can use candles and music for extra ambience.

Crystals: During a meditative state, hold a small clean, clear quartz crystal in your hand. Make your intention to direct any dark, negative energy from your field into the crystal. Be careful that your mind does not wander while you are directing these energy into the crystal or the energy can flow backwards into your field again. When you are finished, cleanse the crystal.

How to cleanse the crystal:
Some methods:
-Put it outside in the sunlight for a day.
-Soak it in a solution of one-quarter tsp. sea salt to one pint spring water.
-Put it in dry sea salt for a day. Discard salt when done.

Smudging: Light a stick of sage, sweet grass, or cedar and wave the smoke through your auric field to remove the dark energy. You can do this with a partner or alone. Make sure you open the windows or do it outdoors. You can also experiment with incense to clear your field if you enjoy them.

Some of you may have your own ways of cleansing and clearing the dark energy from your auric fields. Use whatever feels right and comfortable for you. You may be amazed at how much better you feel afterwards.

Living Spaces: Getting Your Weekly Dose of Nature

Last week I wrote of the benefits of being in a particular landscape and climate and how they affect your auric field. I recommended that people plan an auric clearing and charging vacation in order to energize their fields for optimum health. Perhaps vacations are not realistic for some at this time and/or you are not near a beach or mountain or any landscape that you prefer. What can you do then? Does it have to be a mountain or ocean? Will a campout in the forest or near a lake be of benefit as well? How about a picnic in a nice glade or park?

My answer is yes, anywhere you can be out in nature away from the concrete sidewalks, crowds of people and noise, car exhaust fumes and electronic distractions, will be of great benefit to yourself. If you know a little park just outside of town where you can spend a few hours a week with your dog and a Frisbee, then yes, that counts too.

In fact, even if you are able to take a week off farther a field once or twice a year, you should still think about the other 54 weeks of the year and how you can surround yourself with nature for at least two hours a week. This outing helps rebalance your auric field with the Earth’s energies.

The Earth is also very sensitive to the combined energies of the people living on her. When Earth’s creatures are in balance with nature, disease and natural disasters can be avoided. So you can see how symbiotic the relationship is with our planet. The levels of fear and anger directly correlate with the levels of disease and violence in the Earth herself. But that is a discussion for another time.

How can you, individually, keep your energies balanced in your own areas?

Sitting by a calm lake can sooth your field. Visiting a rapidly rushing river can make our auras pulse with energy and waterfalls provide the strongest energy rush of all.

On a mountain you can absorb the power of the mineral kingdom and in the desert you can let your energy field expand.

Being around trees balances our vibrations with its own. Sitting under a tree or leaning on it can recharge your energy - even in your own back yard. Is there a little park with trees near your place of work? Go outside and eat your lunch there. You’ll feel the difference between eating there and eating inside immediately. Close your eyes and absorb that energy into your being.

Observe any wild animals you may come across. They have great trust and wisdom and can help you synchronize with nature.

Do you love to garden? Planting and working with the Earth in our own gardens will nurture our energy fields. Organic gardening further enriches our vibrations and provides wonderfully charged foods for us to eat.

Even if you don’t have a yard or the time to garden, consider getting some houseplants for your home. Not only will they keep the energy of the home charged, clear and healthy, but they will add the peace and beauty of nature to your everyday life.

The important thing is to be with nature and surround yourself with it as much as you can. You may just find a new sense of peace and serenity, health and wellness, in the gifts of mother nature. Let her wrap you in her arms and nurture you with her love.

April 1, 2010

Living Spaces: The Energy of Landscapes

What Type of Landscape Do You Choose?
Ask yourself these questions.

If I can live in any type of landscape, with any type of climate, which would I prefer the most? Would it be near an ocean or lake, on a mountain, in a desert or a rainforest? Or perhaps you would choose something entirely different? Would you prefer lots of rain or little rain, four seasons or little change throughout the year?

The answer to these questions is directly related to your own individual auric field and its needs. In certain landscapes and climates, each unique individual has a positive feeling of well-being. Try to remember kinds of landscapes and climates that make you feel good as we discuss the benefits and reasons behind this.

If we could create an map of the Earth’s fields of energy, as has been done to some degree with the concept of lay lines and sacred energy vortexes, we would find that different locations on Earth are comprised of their own unique combination of ingredients. These ingredients include mineral deposits, flora, fauna, past and present human societies and activity, as well as solar, interstellar and intergalactic energies.

Some of us are aware of the sacred sites around the world and the energy we can experience by visiting such places like Sedona, Arizona or Stonehenge in the United Kingdom. But I’m also speaking of the power and energy of nature itself and the benefits of surrounding oneself with its cleansing and recharging qualities. Let’s discuss some of these qualities now.

Many of us who enjoy wet, stormy weather, have an affinity to electricity and pre-rain ozone in the air. This charge not only clears our auric fields of lower energies, but also recharges and energizes. People who don’t like storms, may be sensitive to this upsurge in their auric fields.

Preference for lots of sun is also our aura’s calling for the increase of prana or orgone energy to charge our fields and bring a feeling of euphoria. If you soften your gaze at the sky on a sunny day, you can see these little dots of light energy. The sunnier it is, the faster the dots move and the more your auric field gets charged. This leads to a feeling of well being. Too may cloudy days in a row slows down the orgone and could lead to feeling grumpy.

Consider the climate you are currently living in for a moment. Some northern lands can have quite dark winters. Or perhaps you are required to spend many long hours indoors as many of us are with our jobs. If you find yourself in these situations, consider landscapes near or far that you can spend time in to recharge. These ‘recharge’ vacations can greatly improve the health and well being of your energy field, which in turn leads to the health and well being of your body.

One of the best winter recharge trips would be a trip to the mountains, whether to ski or to enjoy other outdoor activities. The combination of the fresh mountain air and the sun sparkling on the snow is the ultimate in orgone recharging. If your body has been in gloom for quite awhile, a week’s worth of sun, air and snow would rebuild and charge your aura full of wonderful, life giving energy.

Many people that experience such energy after being depleted for so long may find they are extra hungry and sleepy as their bodies charge and adjust. So pamper yourself with lots of naps and delicious wholesome food as well as all the fun in the sun. Make sure to wear sun block so you don’t burn your skin. Sun block will not block any rays from reaching your auric field, just your sensitive skin.

An alternate auric recharging vacation would be a trip to an ocean beach. Salty sea air clears your auric field from all the stuck muck it has accumulated. You can take a walk along the shore, clearing your field and recharging it with the sun at the same time. Going for a twenty minute swim in the salty water can also clear out the stagnated energies from your fields.

After an aura recharging vacation, spending twenty minutes a day in the sun is enough to maintain your high energy.

Earth has provided everything we need to be healthy, happy and alive. We are not separate from her and we never have been. Modern day living seems to have pushed nature further and further away, but this is only an illusion. You are surrounded by air, sun, water, and minerals.

Next week I will elaborate further on how we can surround ourselves with nature even if we do not live in the kind of landscape or climate we prefer. In the meantime, consider a possible aura recharging get away you can plan for the near future.

Mass Media and Negative Programing

An important issues to address has to do with what you are allowing into your consciousness. The beginning stages of awakening to your highest potential is to realize the level of controls that have been thrust upon every facet of our society, namely through the mass controlled media. We are fed a constant diet of how to live, think, feel, and perceive through mediums such as television, movies, magazines, newspapers, radios and the internet. And while we may feel a greater sense of belonging when we share this ‘culture’ with others, experiencing similar experiences, we have also been molded and corralled, entertained and distracted from the truth of who and what we really are.

One of the greatest tools of the dark is to keep you in the lower energy fields of fear, gloom, and a sense of societal decay through hopelessness and/or controlled chaos. After all, people who are scared, hateful of others and even themselves, will look to the ‘leaders’ of the land to protect and guide them. People then take solace in organized religions or become too overly involved in political agendas, feeling like the solutions to life’s problems must be there.

But the solutions to life’s problems are not anywhere but within yourself. No religious or government leader can solve them. The reason for this is because the problems do not really exist. You have created the perception that you, or the world, has ‘problems’.

Before you get upset and rant that surely the terrible things that have happened in your life could not possibly be a figment of your imagination, that they are as real as the room you are in, or the chair you are sitting on, please take a moment to see from a different perspective - a higher one.

The part of you here on Earth, experiencing this lifetime, is just a fragment of the larger soul who you really are. This larger soul, or higher self, can and does send pieces of itself out to experience different lifetimes in many different places, even simultaneously. And your higher self is a fragment of an even greater soul, and so on, and so on. Ultimately we are all fragments of the Creator, or the All That Is. You see, we really are one.

So, keeping this in mind, see that what you are experiencing in this particular lifetime is but a blip on the screen of your experiences. You are an immortal being, experiencing many lifetimes and adventures in order to learn and evolve all you can, in every way you can.

I’m not saying that this lifetime is unimportant. It is very important. All your lifetimes and experiences are very important and have much value. You have much choice as to what you decide to experience. And there are many people who have chosen to experience 3D under the control of others who have chosen to exercise power over you. Or, just maybe, one of your tasks is to wake up during this lifetime and realize that this created scenario is more of a dream than a reality. It is a mass created dream of our planet, made real by the connected consciousnesses of all who live here. We see what we expect to see. We expect to see what everyone else sees, what we are shown or told on our mass media devices. Our collective thoughts create this dream, mold it, shape it.

Do you like the dream? Perhaps you do. Perhaps not.

Why not create a better one? It’s really a thought away.

Therefore, the first task in this deprogramming is to become aware of the dream of the planet. Become the observer of yourself. Watch yourself as you tune in to television, movies, radio, internet, or read magazines or newspapers. Pay attention to the subject matter? How much is negative? How much is positive?

Pay more attention to your emotions. How are you feeling as you absorb the information given to you? Do you feel uplifted or depressed?

About ten years ago I decided to shut off the television news when I realized my emphatic nature was causing me to feel depressed by the negative images and stories. Not only was the dark and negative mostly emphasized, but the newscasters seemed to play with the emotions of the viewing audience with the expressions of fear or shock they would have on their faces as they reported. I discovered that my own body reacted to the emotions of others when my eyes were connected with theirs - and newscasters look right into those cameras and therefore into my eyes. The majority of viewers do not realize this subtle form of emotional manipulation, and I would say that neither do the newscasters themselves. But it happens, nonetheless.

Popular television shows and movies also influence our culture, setting the standards of behavior, a collective agreement, in your subconscious - whether it is positive or negative.

I’m definitely not saying you should stop watching all television and never go to the movies again. If you have awareness, you cannot be controlled by what you are being fed. I love being entertained by a good film. I enjoy surfing the internet and reading news from all over the world. I can choose what I allow into my field and what I don’t. If I come across a story of someone who went on a killing rampage, beheading their family, I may choose not to view the graphic images and instead close my eyes, breath in love energy of our Creator, and send that energy to the ones affected by that tragedy. Staying focused in love, in our hearts, is the true reality, and it is where we should dwell.

The key is that ‘you’ are in control of what you are thinking and feeling at any given moment. When you catch yourself dwelling in despair and negativity, for whatever reason, take a step back a moment. Close your eyes and ask yourself why you are feeling this way, what has brought this low moment? Chances are you have allowed something into your energy field that you really don’t need - or want!

You might even discover you have taken on the emotions of your friends who are in distress, or family members. The first step is to realize that the drama is not yours and you do not have to take on the energy of it. That doesn’t mean you turn your back and ignore someone in need, but that you unplug from the drama and instead be a loving support. How? By stepping back and becoming an observer of the emotions and not a participant. This may take some practice, but it will strengthen you immensely.

Perhaps something drastic does happen to you and there is no stepping back at that moment. Someone close to us dies, or our relationship falls apart. In the moment we feel no control over the emotions that flood into us, and out of us. That’s o.k. Go with it and let the emotions pass through your body. Cry, scream, hit a pillow - whatever expresses itself. But the important thing is to not get stuck. If a month passes and you still feel like a depressed zombie, then you have not released the emotions enough and may need to do some further work on clearing any blockages you may have.

This is the crazy journey of life on planet Earth we have all chosen to participate in. And, yes, you do have many, many choices about now and your future. Personally, I’m very excited about the future. I’ve created my dream of how I want my future to look like, feel like, taste and sound like. I see a world of love, peace and harmony and I am dreaming this dream into reality.

What will you dream? As a Creator, you have this choice. Don’t let any individual or media outlet paint that dream for you. The brush is in your hand, the easel stands before you.

Quit Smoking Session

This hypnosis session is to be used in conjunction with the written instructions and after all preparation and habit changing tasks have been completed. Please allow 35 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time to complete this session.

Quit Smoking Program

Quit Smoking Program:
Period One - Preparation Phase (5 Days Before Quitting Day)
Get out your notebook and answer the following questions:

*What is your daily intake?
*What brand do you use?
*How old were you when you started smoking?
*What were the circumstances at that time that led to smoking?

Keep in mind that most people start smoking because it seemed cool at the time. This type of circumstance can be treated successfully with this program. If there is some other underlying reason for smoking, such as a belief that if you stop, you’ll gain too much weight or you’ll lose an important relationship with another smoker, then those fears must be addressed first in order for your subconscious to work with you and not against you. If you find this hypnosis program has not worked for you, you may want to explore if you have some other motivation or secondary gain for keeping your habit.
*When have you tried to quit smoking before?
*How long did it last?
*Why did you decide to quit back then?
*Why did you start back up again?
*Why do you want to quit this time? List as many reasons you can.

Motivation is key here! If you are quitting to please someone else and not because you really want to, then you may not be successful. Really focus on all the positive benefits that you can find for yourself.

*What payoff do you get from smoking? What does it satisfy beyond the craving?
*What time of the day do you find you have the greatest craving for cigarettes?
*Are there other smokers in your home?
*Are there other smokers at work or other groups you associate with?

If possible, plan to spend as little time as possible in their presence when they are smoking for the next two weeks.

*Do you exercise?
*If not, is there any type of activity that you’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t been?

Jot down something that would be doable for you. If you haven’t been exercising lately, going for walks is a great place to start.

*What hobbies do you have that keep your fingers busy?

If you have a hobby, plan on spending time doing more of it in the coming weeks. If not, then think of something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t yet. Prepare yourself with a how-to book and whatever supplies you may need.

It’s important that you replace your habit with other things in the coming months. Hobbies are great for this, as well as exercising or playing a sport. Learning a musical instrument is also fantastic for keeping you busy and interested.

Choose a quitting day. What day would be best and at what time? Would it be better if it was a weekend or a workday? Choose the day and mark it on your calendar. This is the day you will first listen to the 35 minute Quit Smoking Hypnosis. Be prepared to limit your stress for the next few weeks.

On your calendar, two days after quitting day, write down Hypnosis Session Two. This is the second day you should listen the hypnosis session of this Quit Smoking Program.

One week after Session Two, write Session Three on your calendar. This is the third day you should listen to the hypnosis session of this Quit Smoking Program.

Very good. Now that you are more organized, it’s time to focus on the behavior modification you will employ for the three days preceding Quitting Day. You’ll need some preparation here, so take good notes and make sure you are armed with all everything you need. Make the list on a card that you can refer to and make sure you’re on track.

For the three days preceding Quitting Day you must:

1. Smoke with the opposite hand that you usually use.
2. Hold the cigarette between different fingers than is your norm. For example, if you usually hold the cigarette between your index and middle finger, then hold it between your middle and your ring finger.
3. Is there a side of your mouth you usually put the cigarette on? Test yourself. Plan to put it in a different location.
4. Change your brand of cigarette.
5. How do you open your packs? Think of way to open that is different. From the bottom? Side? Make it awkward.
6. What do you use to light your cigarette? Plan on using something else.
7. Throw your ashtrays out and use something else for those three days.
8. Think about the time of day you usually smoke and the place you are sitting or standing when you do. Think of a different time and place to smoke for those three days. Break the routine.
9. Where do you place your cigarettes? Put them in a different place for those three days.

You must carefully consider these habits and the ways you will do it differently. Make a list and check it frequently throughout the day during those three days to make sure you are doing all these things differently. Catch yourself if you should fall back into an old way.

Remember, it is supposed to be uncomfortable, awkward, and unusual to smoke for those three days prior to quitting day.

Good! Now that you have prepared yourself and planned ahead, you are ready to move closer to your goal!

4 Days Before Quitting Day***

Do not change your above nine behaviors today. Save that for tomorrow.
Instead, today you are going to smoke 1 ½ times more than you usually do. For example, if you smoke 2 packs a day, you will smoke three. Make yourself do it!

***Do this step ONLY if you have no big health problems already. If you do have a health issue, then skip this increase day and proceed to the three days of behavior modification.

3 Days Before Quitting Day

Today you start the nine points of behavior modification that you wrote down.

Also, divide the number of cigarettes you smoked yesterday by two. Only smoke that many. For example, if you smoked 60 cigarettes yesterday, then smoke 30 today.

2 Days Before Quitting Day

Continue with your behavior modification and again divide the number you smoked yesterday by two. So, if you smoked 30 cigarettes yesterday, only smoke 15 today.

1 Day Before Quitting Day

Continue with your behavior modification and again divide the number you smoked yesterday by two. So, if you smoked 15 cigarettes yesterday, only smoke 7 ½ today.

Quitting Day!

Only smoke two cigarettes today. One in the morning and one right before listening to the Quit Smoking hypnosis session. No more cigarettes, ever, after your hypnosis session!

Also, have a case of bottled water handy - at home, in the trunk of your car, and at work. It will be important in the coming weeks that you carry a bottle of water with you where ever you go.

Two Days After Quitting Day:

Hypnosis Session Two

One Week After Session Two:

Hypnosis Session Three