April 1, 2010

Quit Smoking Program

Quit Smoking Program:
Period One - Preparation Phase (5 Days Before Quitting Day)
Get out your notebook and answer the following questions:

*What is your daily intake?
*What brand do you use?
*How old were you when you started smoking?
*What were the circumstances at that time that led to smoking?

Keep in mind that most people start smoking because it seemed cool at the time. This type of circumstance can be treated successfully with this program. If there is some other underlying reason for smoking, such as a belief that if you stop, you’ll gain too much weight or you’ll lose an important relationship with another smoker, then those fears must be addressed first in order for your subconscious to work with you and not against you. If you find this hypnosis program has not worked for you, you may want to explore if you have some other motivation or secondary gain for keeping your habit.
*When have you tried to quit smoking before?
*How long did it last?
*Why did you decide to quit back then?
*Why did you start back up again?
*Why do you want to quit this time? List as many reasons you can.

Motivation is key here! If you are quitting to please someone else and not because you really want to, then you may not be successful. Really focus on all the positive benefits that you can find for yourself.

*What payoff do you get from smoking? What does it satisfy beyond the craving?
*What time of the day do you find you have the greatest craving for cigarettes?
*Are there other smokers in your home?
*Are there other smokers at work or other groups you associate with?

If possible, plan to spend as little time as possible in their presence when they are smoking for the next two weeks.

*Do you exercise?
*If not, is there any type of activity that you’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t been?

Jot down something that would be doable for you. If you haven’t been exercising lately, going for walks is a great place to start.

*What hobbies do you have that keep your fingers busy?

If you have a hobby, plan on spending time doing more of it in the coming weeks. If not, then think of something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t yet. Prepare yourself with a how-to book and whatever supplies you may need.

It’s important that you replace your habit with other things in the coming months. Hobbies are great for this, as well as exercising or playing a sport. Learning a musical instrument is also fantastic for keeping you busy and interested.

Choose a quitting day. What day would be best and at what time? Would it be better if it was a weekend or a workday? Choose the day and mark it on your calendar. This is the day you will first listen to the 35 minute Quit Smoking Hypnosis. Be prepared to limit your stress for the next few weeks.

On your calendar, two days after quitting day, write down Hypnosis Session Two. This is the second day you should listen the hypnosis session of this Quit Smoking Program.

One week after Session Two, write Session Three on your calendar. This is the third day you should listen to the hypnosis session of this Quit Smoking Program.

Very good. Now that you are more organized, it’s time to focus on the behavior modification you will employ for the three days preceding Quitting Day. You’ll need some preparation here, so take good notes and make sure you are armed with all everything you need. Make the list on a card that you can refer to and make sure you’re on track.

For the three days preceding Quitting Day you must:

1. Smoke with the opposite hand that you usually use.
2. Hold the cigarette between different fingers than is your norm. For example, if you usually hold the cigarette between your index and middle finger, then hold it between your middle and your ring finger.
3. Is there a side of your mouth you usually put the cigarette on? Test yourself. Plan to put it in a different location.
4. Change your brand of cigarette.
5. How do you open your packs? Think of way to open that is different. From the bottom? Side? Make it awkward.
6. What do you use to light your cigarette? Plan on using something else.
7. Throw your ashtrays out and use something else for those three days.
8. Think about the time of day you usually smoke and the place you are sitting or standing when you do. Think of a different time and place to smoke for those three days. Break the routine.
9. Where do you place your cigarettes? Put them in a different place for those three days.

You must carefully consider these habits and the ways you will do it differently. Make a list and check it frequently throughout the day during those three days to make sure you are doing all these things differently. Catch yourself if you should fall back into an old way.

Remember, it is supposed to be uncomfortable, awkward, and unusual to smoke for those three days prior to quitting day.

Good! Now that you have prepared yourself and planned ahead, you are ready to move closer to your goal!

4 Days Before Quitting Day***

Do not change your above nine behaviors today. Save that for tomorrow.
Instead, today you are going to smoke 1 ½ times more than you usually do. For example, if you smoke 2 packs a day, you will smoke three. Make yourself do it!

***Do this step ONLY if you have no big health problems already. If you do have a health issue, then skip this increase day and proceed to the three days of behavior modification.

3 Days Before Quitting Day

Today you start the nine points of behavior modification that you wrote down.

Also, divide the number of cigarettes you smoked yesterday by two. Only smoke that many. For example, if you smoked 60 cigarettes yesterday, then smoke 30 today.

2 Days Before Quitting Day

Continue with your behavior modification and again divide the number you smoked yesterday by two. So, if you smoked 30 cigarettes yesterday, only smoke 15 today.

1 Day Before Quitting Day

Continue with your behavior modification and again divide the number you smoked yesterday by two. So, if you smoked 15 cigarettes yesterday, only smoke 7 ½ today.

Quitting Day!

Only smoke two cigarettes today. One in the morning and one right before listening to the Quit Smoking hypnosis session. No more cigarettes, ever, after your hypnosis session!

Also, have a case of bottled water handy - at home, in the trunk of your car, and at work. It will be important in the coming weeks that you carry a bottle of water with you where ever you go.

Two Days After Quitting Day:

Hypnosis Session Two

One Week After Session Two:

Hypnosis Session Three


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