April 8, 2010

Grooming Your Energy Field

Just as it’s important to keep your body free of toxins, you must also be conscious of what may accumulate in your energy field. These last few weeks I’ve written about spending time in nature to clear and recharge yourselves. But there are further methods you can employ within your own home to keep your energy field strong and glowing.

Some sensitive people are able to spot dark, stagnate energy in an aura just by looking and/or sensing. But what are some of the other indicators that the rest of us can spot? Some symptoms are:

-pain or a low level muscle ache in the area involved
-tiredness, irritability, sickness, headaches
-feeling heavier than usual
-feeling toxic or polluted
-feeling that you are becoming sick

If you are experiencing one or some of these symptoms, you may have accumulated clouds of dark energy in your auric field. When this happens, it affects your physical body and can lead to greater illness.

How do these dark clouds build up?

The reasons are many, but usually are a result of holding on to negative feelings, stress, exhaustion, running yourself down, or exposure to the heavy negative energies of others around you.

So how can we clear these energies immediately? Here are some methods you may want to try.

Auric Brushing: This method is done with a partner who uses their hands in a brushing motion over your aura, much like you would brush your hair. The person being ‘groomed’ stands with their legs shoulder width apart, their arms at their sides, and their eyes closed. The ‘brusher’ stands in front of the person and spreads their fingers, imagining their fingers have grown longer by about half a foot, and begins making continuous long strokes with both hands from the top of the receiver’s head, to the ground and away from the receiver. These are long continuous strokes without stopping, except after reaching the ground to brush the dark energy away and stand to begin again slightly to the right of the last long stroke. This is continued going around the whole body of the receiver until they reach the place where they started. While the groomer is brushing, it’s important that they imagine that their elongated fingers are going through the whole body of the receiver, even though no actual physical touching is done. Then switch places so both can enjoy the experience.

Baths: This is one of my favorite methods of clearing. Take a warm bath, adding up to one pound each of sea salt and baking soda. Don’t make the water too hot. This is strong solution is good when you have a lot of negative energy to clear. Be careful if you have low blood pressure. If you feel dizzy, get out of the bath and fill it will cooler water.

Soak for twenty minutes in the tub. You will feel depleted of energy afterwards, so go into your yard and sit in the sun for ten to twenty minutes to recharge your energy field - use sunscreen. So it is best to do this bath when the sun is out.

There are also some great bath solutions on the market today that are made for clearing you, soothing you, or even giving you more energy. Explore the ones made of natural ingredients and try these delightful experiences.

Baths are also a good time to meditate and you can use candles and music for extra ambience.

Crystals: During a meditative state, hold a small clean, clear quartz crystal in your hand. Make your intention to direct any dark, negative energy from your field into the crystal. Be careful that your mind does not wander while you are directing these energy into the crystal or the energy can flow backwards into your field again. When you are finished, cleanse the crystal.

How to cleanse the crystal:
Some methods:
-Put it outside in the sunlight for a day.
-Soak it in a solution of one-quarter tsp. sea salt to one pint spring water.
-Put it in dry sea salt for a day. Discard salt when done.

Smudging: Light a stick of sage, sweet grass, or cedar and wave the smoke through your auric field to remove the dark energy. You can do this with a partner or alone. Make sure you open the windows or do it outdoors. You can also experiment with incense to clear your field if you enjoy them.

Some of you may have your own ways of cleansing and clearing the dark energy from your auric fields. Use whatever feels right and comfortable for you. You may be amazed at how much better you feel afterwards.

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